Seminar on Intelligent Multimedia Systems

Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm (unless otherwise indicated in the agenda). Semester 2018/2019 Z

Date Lecturer and title
16.10.2018 (14:00 / 2 pm) Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 1"
23.10.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 2"
30.10.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 3"
13.11.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 4"
13.11.2018 Pan Zhihao: "Calibration of distorted graphic based on the method of machine learning"
13.11.2018 Aldrin Wilfred Arokiasamy: "Deep Learning for Multimedia System Security"
20.11.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 5"
27.11.2018 PhD & MsC students: "Short presentations on progress of their works"
4.12.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 6"
11.12.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 7"
18.12.2018 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 8"
8.1.2019 Władysław Skarbek: "Tutorial on neural networks, part 9"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2017/2018 L

Date Lecturer and title
24.4.2018 Jakub Wagner: "Optimisation of methods for differentiation of measurement data in systems for monitoring of elderly persons"
29.5.2018 Rafał Protasiuk: "Automatic image colorization using deep neural networks"
29.5.2018 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Semantic graph scene segmentation"
26.6.2018 Zbigniew Nasarzewski: "3D face model animation based on video"
26.6.2018 Przemysław Buczkowski: "Compression with deeplearning"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2017/2018 Z

Date Lecturer and title
24.10.2017 Rafał Protasiuk: "Color correction in underwater images - Amazon Mechanical Turk in research work"
24.10.2017 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Artificial intelligence for music generation"
14.11.2017 Jacek Naruniec, Marek Kowalski: "Leading topics in computer vision - most interesting articles of ICCV2017[pdf]"
28.11.2017 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Optimization of interframe prediction in video coding"
19.12.2017 Marek Kowalski: "HoloFace: a framework for augmenting human-to-human interactions on HoloLens"
30.1.2018 Grzegorz Gwardys: "Diagnostic tools in Machine Learning, with an emphasis on Deep Learning"
30.1.2018 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Intelligent video segmentation using neural network"
30.1.2018 Zbigniew Nasarzewski: "3D face model animation based on video"
30.1.2018 Przemysław Buczkowski: "Information compression with neural networks"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2016/2017 L

Date Lecturer and title
9.5.2017 Zbigniew Nasarzewski: " Gamification system to support treatment of people with cognitive disorders using elements of virtual and expanded reality (VR / AR / MV)"
16.5.2017 Marek Kowalski: "Face alignment using deep convolutional neural networks"
23.5.2017 Rafał Protasiuk: "Color transfer by fitting clouds of color points"
23.5.2017 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Virtual reality in the spherical video for mobile devices"
23.5.2017 Kivanc Yuksel: "Smile detectors correlation"
23.5.2017 Xin Chang: "WebGL and Web Audio software lightweight components for multimedia education"
23.5.2017 Grzegorz Gwardys, Daniel Grzywczak: "Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for multimedia applications - Neural Activation Visualization"
6.6.2017 Przemek Buczkowski: "Stock market prediction with recurrent neural networks"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2016/2017 Z

Date Lecturer and title
25.10.2016 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Hardware implementation of the arithmetic coder probabilistic model for H.265/HEVC encoder"
15.11.2016 Jakub Wagner: "Radar sensors, depth sensors and accelerometric sensors in measurement of human position, velocity and acceleration"
15.11.2016 Marek Kowalski: "Augmented Reality on Microsoft Hololens"
29.11.2016 Andrzej Abramowski: "Optimization of the intra prediction in the video codecs"
13.12.2016 Rafał Protasiuk: "Underwater image processing and analysis"
13.12.2016 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Virtual reality in spherical video"
10.1.2017 Grzegorz Gwardys: "One-shot learning in Music Information Retrieval"
10.1.2017 Daniel Grzywczak: "Action recognition in video"
17.1.2017 Przemysław Buczkowski: "Trend prediction based on expert's recommendation series"


Tuesdays, room 450, 2 pm. Semester 2015/2016 L

Date Lecturer and title
12.4.2016 Marek Kowalski: " Machine learning for face alignment initialization"
17.5.2016 Adam Strupczewski: "Commodity Camera Eye Gaze Tracking"
24.5.2016 Andrzej Miękina: "Processing of measurement data in a radar system for patients monitoring"
24.5.2016 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Simplification of inter-frame prediction in HEVC encoder"
7.6.2016 Grzegorz Gwardys: "Deep Learning Techniques in Music Information Retrieval"
7.6.2016 Daniel Grzywczak: "Image Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks"
25.10.2016 Andrzej Abramowski: "Optimization of the intra prediction in video codecs"


Tuesdays, room 450, 2 pm. Semester 2015/2016 Z

Date Lecturer and title
27.10.2015 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Optimization of quantizaiton algorithms in audio coding
(seminar starts on 2:30 p.m.)"
10.11.2015 Marek Kowalski: "LiveScan3D - an open-source application for 3D reconstruction using multiple Kinect v2 sensors."
17.11.2015 Zbigniew Kokosiński: "Synthesis and functional decomposition of combinatorial logic circuits with PKmin"
24.11.2015 Jarosław Duda: "Asymmetric Numeral Systems - new generation of entropy coders"
8.12.2015 Artur Nowakowski: "Techniques for geometric lens distortion calibration in vision systems"
15.12.2015 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Comparison of HEVC encoders"
12.1.2016 Błażej Czupryński: "Real-time RGB-D SLAM System"
12.1.2016 Marcin Pawłowski: "Link-layer authentication for the Internet of Things"
19.1.2016 Daniel Grzywczak: " "
19.1.2016 Grzegorz Gwardys: "Using Convolution Neural Networks in Music Information Retrieval Tasks"
19.1.2016 Adam Strupczewski: "Commodity camera eye gaze tracking"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2014/2015 L

Date Lecturer and title
14.4.2015 Marek Kowalski, Jacek Naruniec: "Stand and algorithms for building non-rigid face shape and texture model."
21.4.2015 Andrzej Abramowski: "Performance evaluation of the Intra compression in the image and video coding standards"
28.4.2015 Michał Wieczorek: "Adaptive macroblock-level QP value estimation algorithm in video coding"
5.5.2015 Maciej Trochimiuk: "An impact of the inter prediction simplifications on the H.265/HEVC video compression efficiency"
2.6.2015 Andrzej Miękina: "Preprocessing of measurement data in a radar system for patients monitoring"
9.6.2015 Daniel Grzywczak, Grzegorz Gwardys: "Searching for topology and data - the use of deep learning techniques in Music Information Retrieval"
9.6.2015 Adam Strupczewski, Błażej Czupryński: "Recent advances in visual SLAM"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2014/2015 Z

Date Lecturer and title
18.11.2014 Andrzej Abramowski, Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Hardware H.265/HEVC INTRA encoder"
25.11.2014 Marek Kowalski: "A method for head pose normalisation and it's alternative application in animation production"
2.12.2014 Michał Wieczorek: "Adaptive macroblock-level QP value estimation algorithm in video coding"
9.12.2014 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Efficient audio compression algorithms"
16.12.2014 Daniel Grzywczak, Grzegorz Gwardys: "Deep Image Representation in Music Information Retrieval"
13.1.2015 Adam Strupczewski, Błażej Czupryński: "Visual navigation of drone"
20.1.2015 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Hardware module for motion estimation in HEVC encoder"


Tuesdays, room 450, 12:30. Semester 2013/2014 L

Date Lecturer and title
29.4.2014 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Hardware architecture of the h.265/HEVC video encoder"
6.5.2014 Andrzej Abramowski: "Algorithms for selecting Intra prediction parameters for h.265/HEVC standard"
13.5.2014 Michał Wieczorek: "Algorithm of the quantization parameter determination in video encoder"
13.5.2014 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Hardware architecture of motion compensation module for H.265/HEVC video codec."
20.5.2014 Paweł Mazurek, Jakub Wagner: "Methodology for preprocessing of measurement data from impulse radar sensor"
20.5.2014 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Hardware architecture of Intra prediction module using semiglobal algorithm"
27.5.2014 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Efficient audio compression algorithms"
3.6.2014 Błażej Czupryński, Adam Strupczewski: "Online 3D Reconstruction"
3.6.2014 Daniel Grzywczak, Grzegorz Gwardys: "Music Information Retrieval"
10.6.2014 Marek Kowalski: "Algorithms for facial features tracking."


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm.. Semester 2013/2014 Z

Date Lecturer and title
22.10.2013 : " "
29.10.2013 : " "
5.11.2013 : " "
12.11.2013 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Hardware architectures for HEVC transform module"
19.11.2013 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Architecture of interpolation module for motion estimation in HEVC encoder"
26.11.2013 Michał Wieczorek: "Evaluation of QP parameter value setting algorithm basing on the relation of I- and P-type frames bitrate"
3.12.2013 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Architecture of a disparition map calculation hardware module"
10.12.2013 Andrzej Abramowski: "Evaluation of fast prediction unit size decision and mode decision algorithms for HEVC Intra coding"
17.12.2013 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Efficient audio compression algorithms"
7.1.2014 Daniel Grzywczak: "3D image improvement"
14.1.2014 Adam Strupczewski: "Challenges in tracking"
21.1.2014 Grzegorz Gwardys: "Image Based Music Information Retrieval"


Thursdays, room 450, 2 pm.. Semester 2012/2013 L

Date Lecturer and title
21.3.2013 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Quantization step selection based on RD analysis in the H.264/AVC hardware encoder"
4.4.2013 Jan Bartnik: "Loseless method of image compression with bit matrix rotation"
11.4.2013 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Statistics of motion and partitioning modes in HEVC video coder"
25.4.2013 Michał Wieczorek: "Transform coefficients distribution modeling in video coding"
9.5.2013 Andrzej Abramowski: "Analysis of INTRA prediction algorithms in the HEVC standard"
16.5.2013 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Bits allocation algorithms in quantization in AAC standard"
23.5.2013 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Disparity map estimation using image pyramid"
6.6.2013 Magdalena Jasionowska: "The choice of the wavelet domain representation for linear multidirectional pathological structures in mammography"
6.6.2013 Daniel Grzywczak: "Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition - Comparison of Subspace Approach with Regularization Method"
6.6.2013 Grzegorz Gwardys: "Natural language processing techniques in image processing"


Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2012/2013 Z

Date Lecturer and title
6.11.2012 Władysław Skarbek: "Structural light cameracalibration with Integrated Literary Programming"
13.11.2012 Jacek Naruniec: "ID cards scanning system"
20.11.2012 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Coding mode selection in RD analysis - hardware implementation"
27.11.2012 Mikołaj Roszkowski: " Correspondence problem analysis in scenes with vanishing points"
4.12.2012 Michał Wieczorek: " The rho-parameter estimation error equalization in rate control process"
18.12.2012 Andrzej Abramowski: "An Intra prediction module in the HEVC encoder structure."
18.12.2012 Karol Wnukowicz: "Hierarchical video segmentation"
15.1.2013 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Psychoacoustic algorithms in audio encoding"
15.1.2013 Grzegorz Ostrek: "Expert system for acute stroke diagnosis"


Thursdays, room 450, 2:15 pm. Semester 2011/2012 L

Date Lecturer and title
15.3.2012 Jacek Naruniec: "Face detection using discrete area filters - a software library"
22.3.2012 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Evaluation and testing of the hardware H.264/AVC encoder"
26.4.2012 Władysław Skarbek: "Structural camera calibration"
26.4.2012 Michał Wieczorek: "R-D models in inter mode for multiview sequences"
10.5.2012 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Algorithms of AAC tools"
10.5.2012 Władysław Skarbek: "Structural camera calibration"
17.5.2012 Andrzej Abramowski: "Intra prediction hardware module for H.265/HEVC video encoder"
24.5.2012 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Depth map extraction using reliable matches"
24.5.2012 Mariusz Leszczyński: "Face verification methods"
31.5.2012 Magdalena Jasionowska: "The directional features representation methods for mammographic pathologies"


Thursdays, room 450, 2:15 pm. Semester 2011/2012 Z

Date Lecturer and title
13.10.2011 Michał Grega: "Performance Analysis of a Query by Example Image Search Method in Peer to Peer Overlays"
20.10.2011 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Goals and tasks in the LIDER project"
20.10.2011 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Efficiency of the hardware implementation of H.264/AVC encoder"
10.11.2011 Karol Wnukowicz: "MPEG-7 Video Signature"
1.12.2011 Marcin Jędryka: "Analysis of depth map of digital images of a 3D scene"
1.12.2011 Aleksandra Rutczyńska : "POLAR experiment - gamma-ray burst photon polarization measurements"
8.12.2011 Roman Z. Morawski: "Measurement and research ethics"
15.12.2011 Andrzej Abramowski: "Intra prediction in incoming HEVC standard"
5.1.2012 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Depth map estimation using reliable matching points"
12.1.2012 Michał Wieczorek: "Analysis of rate control models in multiview systems"
12.1.2012 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Review of psychoacoustic model algorithms in AAC coding"
19.1.2012 Rafał Jóźwiak: "Multiscale methods of diagnostic content representation and description in medical image sequences"


Thursdays, room 450, 2:15 pm. Semester 2010/2011 L

Date Lecturer and title
3.3.2011 Jacek Naruniec: "A new ZTV web page - hints for editors"
10.3.2011 Artur Nowakowski: "Geometrical distortion calibration in digital vision systems"
17.3.2011 Mariusz Borawski: "Vector calculus with increment arithmetic in image processing"
24.3.2011 Mariusz Leszczyński: "Discriminant cascade in face verification"
14.4.2011 Andrzej Abramowski: "Towards H.265 video coding standard"
14.4.2011 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Implementation of INTER mode in H.264/AVC encoder"
28.4.2011 Marcin Jędryka: "Analysis of object motion trajectory using structured light"
28.4.2011 Jarosław Konrad Lipowski: "Optimisation of GPU memory access"
5.5.2011 Michał Wieczorek: "Rate control in multiview systems"
12.5.2011 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Rate control and psychoacoustic model in AAC encoder"
19.5.2011 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Stereovision with wide baseline"
26.5.2011 : "Presentations of 'Multimedia in educational games' students scientific group "
2.6.2011 Grzegorz Ostrek: "Tools and algorithms for automatic detection of ischaemic change in CT"
2.6.2011 Aleksandra Rutczyńska: "Segmentation of heart and coronary vessels in CT images"


Thursdays, room 450, 1:15 pm. Semester 2010/2011 Z

Date Lecturer and title
28.10.2010 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Overview of algorithms and architectures for disparity map estimation"
4.11.2010 Michał Wieczorek: "Binary encoding in AAC standard: algorithm, architecture and FPGA implementation"
18.11.2010 Grzegorz Pastuszak, Mariusz Jakubowski: "Motion estimation in hardware H.264/AVC encoder"
25.11.2010 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Hardware AAC decoder"
2.12.2010 Marcin Jędryka: "Efficiency of algorithms based on structural light deBruijn pattern for depth map computation of 3D scene"
9.12.2010 Władysław Skarbek: "Literate programming in multimedia"
20.1.2011 Magdalena Jasionowska: "Possibilities of multiscale bases in local image features modeling"
20.1.2011 Rafał Jóźwiak: "Multiscale transformations and their approximation properties"


-. Semester 2009/2010 L

Date Lecturer and title
11.3.2010 Prof. Suman Mitra: "On Color Transfer Using Motion Estimation and its Application to Video Compression"
8.4.2010 Prof. Suman Mitra: "Background Subtraction in Video Using Bayesian Learning with Motion Information"
15.4.2010 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Rate control in hardware H.264/AVC encoder"
15.4.2010 Marcin Jędryka: "Methods of colours recognition for structure light patterns"
22.4.2010 Prof. Suman Mitra: "On Optimal Number of Components in Gaussian Mixture Models and its Applications"
29.4.2010 Mariusz Jakubowski: "Data Reuse in Two-Level Hierarchical Motion Estimation for High Resolution Video Coding"
6.5.2010 A. Miękina: "Flexible system for spectrophotometric data acquisition"
20.5.2010 Aleksandra Rutczyńska: "Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Brain Structure Segmentation in CT Images"
20.5.2010 Grzegorz Ostrek: "Algorithms for Analysis and Detection of Pathological Changes in CT Images"
27.5.2010 Andrzej Abramowski: "Hardware implementation of H.264/AVC macroblock data modeler"
27.5.2010 Michał Wieczorek: "Project of an VLC module in hardware H.264/AVC video decoder"
10.6.2010 Mikołaj Roszkowski: "Inter prediction module for H.264/AVC hardware decoder"
10.6.2010 Grzegorz Brzuchalski: "Hardware implementation of quantization and Huffman coding in AAC standard"


-. Semester 2009/2010 Z

Date Lecturer and title
15.10.2009 Prof. Valery Korzhik: "Some Aspects of Information Security Discipline Teaching"
29.10.2009 M. Jędryka: "Gesture recognition using structural light"
5.11.2009 W. Skarbek: "Integrated literate programming - the idea and tools"
12.11.2009 G. Pastuszak: "Communication subsystem in the Proteus system"
26.11.2009 M. Jasionowska: "Detection of architectural distortions in mammography"
3.12.2009 G. Brzuchalski: "Hardware implementation of AAC codec"
10.12.2009 M. Leszczyński: "Discriminant cascade in face verification"
17.12.2009 A.Podgórski: "Selected applications of sound and vibration analyzers"
17.12.2009 M. Jakubowski: "Motion estimation for B-frames in H.264 codec"
7.1.2010 J. Naruniec: "Detection of face fiducial points"
14.1.2010 A. Buchowicz: "H.264/AVC video streaming"
21.1.2010 R. Jóźwiak: "Pathology detection in bronchoscopy video"
21.1.2010 A. Nowakowski: "Geometric distortion calibration in digital visual system"
28.1.2010 K. Gdawiec: "Local fractal analysis in recognition of two-dimensional shapes"


-. Semester 2008/2009 L

Date Lecturer and title
2.4.2009 Roman Z. Morawski: "When a good nose is not enough, or on spectrophotometric analysers of food"
16.4.2009 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "R-D analysis in hardware H.264/AVC video encoder"
7.5.2009 Władysław Skarbek: "Object modelling using structural light, part 1"
14.5.2009 Mariusz Jakubowski: "Algorithm for bit-rate control for DVC codec of VISNET II"
14.5.2009 Marcin Jędryka: "Methods of hand segmentation"
28.5.2009 Artur Nowakowski: "Methods for geometric aberration calibration in digital visual equipment"
28.5.2009 Piotr Garbat, Marek Sutkowski: "3D displays"
10.6.2009 Jacek Naruniec: "Facial features localisation and tracking"
10.6.2009 Władysław Skarbek: "Object modelling using structural light, part 2"
24.6.2009 Marek Sutkowski: "-"


-. Semester 2008/2009 Z

Date Lecturer and title
14.10.2008 Marcin Jędryka: "Evolutionary Algorithm for Fingerprint Images Filtration"
21.10.2008 Artur Przelaskowski: "Research conducted in Telemedicine Group of Television Division"
28.10.2008 Anna Ostaszewska: "Subjective compressed video testing methodology aimed at development of digital quality analyzers"
28.10.2008 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Simplified rate control for H.264/AVC based on the Qp-rate relation"
18.11.2008 Piotr Romaniak: "Video quality evaluation in no-reference scenario"
18.11.2008 Michał Grega: "Quality of query-by-example search using MPEG-7 descriptors and applications in peer-to-peer networks"
25.11.2008 Agata Latała: "-"
25.11.2008 Grzegorz Ostrek: "Wavelets with 2D kernels for description of pathology signatures in brain images"
2.12.2008 Rafał Kłoda: "Method and system for compression artefacts detection in the process of DVD-Video authoring"
9.12.2008 Władysław Skarbek, Michał Tomaszewski: "Angular foctorisation of essential matrix - algorithms and applications"
16.12.2008 Jacek Naruniec: "Fiducial points detection using LDA cascade"
13.1.2009 Marek Tabędzki: "Word recognition using View-Based approach"
13.1.2009 Marcin Adamski: "Handwritten signature recognition based on Template Matching approach"
20.1.2009 Mariusz Leszczyński: "Color information in face recognition"
20.1.2009 Mariusz Jakubowski: "Multiple reference frame motion estimation"
27.1.2009 Artur Nowakowski: "Geometrical distortion calibration in case of chromatic aberration"
27.1.2009 Emil Dmoch: "Video coding in TI 'Da Vinci' DSP "


-. Semester 2007/2008 L

Date Lecturer and title
11.3.2008 E. Dmoch: "Remote control of Blender graphical environment"
18.3.2008 M. Leszczyński: "Discriminant Analysis Diagram for face verification"
18.3.2008 M. Jędryka: "Filtering of fingerprint images"
1.4.2008 M. Jakubowski: "A hardware-oriented variable block size motion estimation for H.264/AVC video coding"
1.4.2008 J. Naruniec: "Facial features tracking by Discrete Gabor Jets"
8.4.2008 A. Nowakowski: "Indexing of corners of colour chessboard for camera calibration"
8.4.2008 A. Buchowicz: "INTRA Transcoding from MPEG-2 to H.264"
15.4.2008 M. Tomaszewski: "Data analysis for plenoptical layer"
15.4.2008 G. Pastuszak: "R-D estimation in hardware H.264/AVC encoder"
22.4.2008 P. Garbat: "-"
22.4.2008 M. Jakubowski: "Rate control in Distributed Video Coding system"
20.5.2008 G. Galiński: "Image sorting using SOM"
27.5.2008 L. Bagińska: "Introduction to Blender"
10.6.2008 J. Naruniec: "Comparison of classification methods for features obtained by Discrete Gabor Jets"


-. Semester 2007/2008 Z

Date Lecturer and title
22.10.2007 L. Bagińska: "De Bruijn sequences"
22.10.2007 R. Sikora: "2-dimensional codes - a review"
29.10.2007 M. Jędryka: "Methods of fingerprints verification"
5.11.2007 G. Pastuszak: "Hardware implementation of transform and quantization modules for H.264/AVC"
12.11.2007 S. Badura: "Review of steganography techniques, part 1"
26.11.2007 M. Jakubowski: "Adaptive algorithm for motion estimation with variable block size for H.264/AVC encoder"
3.12.2007 J. Naruniec: "Parallel computation in CUDA"
3.12.2007 A. Pietrowcew: "Foreground object detection and tracking in video sequences"
10.12.2007 A. Ołdak: "Beamer calibration using color chessboard"
10.12.2007 S. Badura: "Review of steganography techniques, part 2"
17.12.2007 G. Pastuszak: "Optimisation of rate control algorithms in rho domain for multiple video sequences"
17.12.2007 K. Wnukowicz: "Image replica detection"
14.1.2008 W. Skarbek, A. Nowakowski: "Camera calibration"
21.1.2008 M. Tomaszewski: "Images projection onto plenoptical layer"
21.1.2008 M. Leszczyński: "Face image verification in discriminant cascade method"
28.1.2008 M. Morgos: "Intelligent cash machine as an example of multimedia user interface"


-. Semester 2006/2007 L

Date Lecturer and title
8.3.2007 Władysław Skarbek: "On projection matrix identyfication for camera calibration"
15.3.2007 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Architecture of hardware binary encoder for H.264/AVC"
22.3.2007 Mariusz Jakubowski: "Multipath adaptive strategy for block motion estimation"
29.3.2007 Michał Grega: "Enhancing search in p2p networks"
12.4.2007 Grzegorz Galiński: "Inverse motion estimation in DCT domain"
12.4.2007 Radosław Sikora: "Image registration by adaptive filters"
19.4.2007 Marcin Jędryka: "Improvement in minutiae detection by single ridge local analysis for fingerprint image processing"
26.4.2007 Stanisław Badura, Sławomir Rymaszewski: "Transform domain steganography in DVD video and audio content"
26.4.2007 Władysław Skarbek: "Discriminant Analysis Diagram for Pattern Recognition"
10.5.2007 Władysław Skarbek: "Singular and Principal Subspace of Signal Information System by BROM Algorithm"
10.5.2007 Jacek Naruniec, Władysław Skarbek: "Face Detection by Discrete Gabor Jets and Reference Graph of Fiducial Points"
10.5.2007 Jarosław Baszun: "Voice activity detection for speaker verification systems "
10.5.2007 Artur Przelaskowski: "Hypodense Signs Extraction"
18.5.2007 Piotr Boniński: "-"
18.5.2007 Adam Ołdak: "3D model building using structural light"
18.5.2007 Sławomir Rymaszewski: "Data hiding in video stream"
18.5.2007 Filip Borowski: "Speech detection for speaker verification systems"
24.5.2007 Roman Z. Morawski: "Research conducted in the Digital Processing of Measurement Signal Group"
31.5.2007 Marek Biskup: "On synchronizing Huffman codes"
31.5.2007 Karol Wnukowicz: "Image replica detection"
21.6.2007 Lilla Bagińska: "Review of tools for 3D modeling"
28.6.2007 Michał Tomaszewski: "3D modeling of large objects"
28.6.2007 Artur Nowakowski: "Optical distortion compensation in digital camera"


-. Semester 2006/2007 Z

Date Lecturer and title
12.10.2006 Władysław Skarbek: "Multimedia Technology Research and Education in Poland"
26.10.2006 Radosław Sikora: "Particle filters in object tracking"
26.10.2006 Władysław Skarbek, Artur Nowakowski, Michał Tomaszewski: "Camera calibration using 6 points"
2.11.2006 Mariusz Jakubowski: "Comparison of selected motion estimation algorithms"
9.11.2006 Stanisław Badura: "Parameters optimization in DWT based steganography algorithm"
16.11.2006 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Prototyping of JPEG 2000 encoder in FPGA devices"
23.11.2006 Lilla Bagińska: "Image segmentation using Dirac spike"
30.11.2006 Piotr Romaniak: "Objective and Subjective Evaluation Methods of Image Quality"
30.11.2006 Krystian Ignasiak: "Human behavior analysis and recognition in audiovisual scenes"
7.12.2006 Karol Wnukowicz: "Image replica detection by correlation of feature trajectories"
14.12.2006 Mariusz Leszczyński: "Fuzzy models for face image analysis"
21.12.2006 Artur Nowakowski: "Optical non-linearity compensation in digital images"
4.1.2007 Marcin Morgoś: "Facial expression modeling"
11.1.2007 Michał Tomaszewski: "3D scene modeling using vanishing points"
18.1.2007 Grzegorz Galiński: "Still image replica detection"
25.1.2007 Jacek Naruniec: "Head detection and tracking"
25.1.2007 Andrzej Buchowicz: "Transform coefficient mapping from MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC "


-. Semester 2005/2006 L

Date Lecturer and title
7.3.2006 Li Yongfan: "Multimedia teaching in China"
7.3.2006 W. Skarbek: "Iterative algorithms for singular subspace - theory, convergence, applications in video analysis, part 1"
14.3.2006 W. Skarbek: "Iterative algorithms for singular subspace - theory, convergence, applications in video analysis, part 2"
14.3.2006 G.Galiński: "Shot boundary detection - basic principles and algorithms"
21.3.2006 K. Ignasiak: "Petri nets for optimization of multimedia systems, part 1"
21.3.2006 G. Pastuszak: "FPGA Development Board for video processing"
28.3.2006 W. Skarbek: "Curvature concept in image analysis, part 1"
28.3.2006 A. Buchowicz: "An SVD-based grayscale image quality measure for local and global assessment"
11.4.2006 W. Skarbek, M. Leszczynski: "Discriminant, non-linear, and fuzzy clustering, part 1"
11.4.2006 W. Skarbek, A. Nowakowski: "Line clustering in image of regular grid"
25.4.2006 D. Bogumił: "Watermarking using autocorrelation of static images"
25.4.2006 K. Ignasiak: "Petri nets for optimization of multimedia systems, part 2"
25.4.2006 W. Skarbek: "Curvature concept in image analysis, part 2"
9.5.2006 W. Skarbek, M. Leszczynski: "Discriminant, non-linear, and fuzzy clustering, part 2"
9.5.2006 G. Pastuszak: "Optimisation of hardware architectures of binary coders in compression of visual data"
16.5.2006 K. Ignasiak: "Petri nets for optimization of multimedia systems, part 3"
16.5.2006 S. Badura: "Steganography"
30.5.2006 G. Galiński: "Similarity of Dominant Colors using Cumulative Distribution Function"
30.5.2006 A. Buchowicz: "Conversion scheme for DCT-domain transcoding of MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC"
6.6.2006 W. Skarbek, A. Nowakowski: "Camera calibration by neural networks"
6.6.2006 K. Wnukowicz: "Designing of efficient metadata scheme using MPEG-7 visual descriptors"
6.6.2006 M. Borawski: "Vector Space in Image Processing"
13.6.2006 W. Skarbek, M. Tomaszewski: "3D model from n views"
13.6.2006 M. Morgoś: "OpenGL Shading Language and Rendering of 3D Studio Max models"
20.6.2006 M. Borawski: "Number systems in calculus of vectors"
27.6.2006 Władysław Skarbek: "On Skarbek's algorithm for all tree generating -- twenty years old personal story or how big politics can sometimes help in scientific discoveries"


-. Semester 2005/2006 Z

Date Lecturer and title
11.10.2005 Krzysztof Kucharski: "Feature-Based Affine-Invariant Localization of Faces"
11.10.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Singular Value Approximation - a trivial algorithm"
18.10.2005 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Efficient hardware architecture for EBCOT in JPEG 2000 using a feedback loop from the rate-controller to the bit-plane coder"
18.10.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "3D face recognition - Kimmel's algorithm"
25.10.2005 Krzysztof Kucharski: "Real-time face and eye tracking by AdaBoost algorithm"
25.10.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Calibration of camera extrinsic parameters - POSIT approach"
8.11.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Eye and mouth detection by graph matching"
8.11.2005 Karol Wnukowicz: "Library of tools for processing of MPEG-2 streams"
15.11.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Eye tracking by CAMSHIFT2"
15.11.2005 Stanisław Badura: "Nightingale voice modelling using PCA"
15.11.2005 Marcin Morgoś: "Face modelling using PCA"
22.11.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Geodesic distance on facial surface"
22.11.2005 Mikołaj Leszczuk: "Analysis of Opportunities for Building Internet Applications Accessing Digital Video Libraries"
22.11.2005 Grzegorz Galiński: "Video shot segmentation using mutual information features"
29.11.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Multidimensional scaling - a review"
13.12.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "Modelling radial distortion of lens"
13.12.2005 Michał Tomaszewski: "Methods for elimination of camera lens distortions"
13.12.2005 Michał Tomaszewski: "Elimination of nonlinear distortions during camera calibration"
20.12.2005 Władysław Skarbek: "3D face modelling and tracking"
20.12.2005 Krystian Ignasiak: "XML Open Service Interface Definitions - applications"
3.1.2006 Władysław Skarbek: "3D face from a single view - Hancock's algorithm"
3.1.2006 Mariusz Leszczyński: "Denoising of face representation in structural light method"
10.1.2006 Stanisław Badura: "3D face acquisition using structural light"
10.1.2006 Andrzej Buchowicz: "From Rate-Distortion Analysis to Resource-Distortion Analysis"
10.1.2006 Grzegorz Galiński: "JPSearch project - Image Search System"
17.1.2006 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "Architectures for arithmetic coders able to code more than one symbol per clock cycle"
17.1.2006 Marcin Morgoś: "MPEG-4 Adaptive Streaming for Virtual Cities Flyover"
24.1.2006 Andrzej Buchowicz: "Video transcoding"
24.1.2006 Karol Wnukowicz: "Independence of MPEG-7 visual descriptors"
24.1.2006 Mariusz Leszczyński: "Geometric feature extraction in discrete representation of face surfacse"


-. Semester 2004/2005 L

Date Lecturer and title
1.3.2005 Michał Tomaszewski: "FAP mesh adaptation for face animation"
8.3.2005 Krzysztof Kucharski: "Feature selection by DLDA for face recognition"
15.3.2005 Grzegorz Pastuszak: "High performance architectures with the enhanced bypass mode for the arithmetic coder in H.264/AVC"
5.4.2005 Grzegorz Galiński: "Index structures for data warehouses"
19.4.2005 Andrzej Buchowicz: "Distributed Video Coding"
26.4.2005 Władysław Skarbek, Michał Tomaszewski: "-"
10.5.2005 Karol Wnukowicz: "Properties of Dominant Color Temperatures Descriptor"
17.5.2005 Mariusz Leszczyński, Władysław Skarbek: "Visem recognition using LDA"
7.6.2005 Marcin Morgoś, Krystian Ignasiak: "Integrated platmorm for immersive environment"
7.6.2005 Stanisław Badura: "3D face modelling using 2D multiview"
14.6.2005 Aneta Świercz: "Feature extraction from audio tracks"


-. Semester 2004/2005 Z

Date Lecturer and title
5.10.2004 P. Fabian: "Voice recognition and synthesis"
12.10.2004 M. Morgoś: "OpenGL - mini tutorial, part 1"
26.10.2004 G. Pastuszak: "Hardware optimization of bit-plane coder for JPEG2000"
2.11.2004 K. Wnukowicz: "Image indexing using color temperature technique"
9.11.2004 K. Kucharski: "Kernel methods for face recognition"
16.11.2004 B. Kwolek: "Face detection and tracking for multimedia communication systems"
23.11.2004 M. Morgoś: "OpenGL - mini tutorial, part 2"
30.11.2004 M. Leszczuk: "Analysis of opportunities of creation of internet applications for access to digital video libraries"
7.12.2004 M. Tomaszewski: "FAP grid adaptation for anatomy animation"
14.12.2004 A. Świercz: "Notes extraction from mono compositions"
11.1.2005 A. Buchowicz: "Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering"
18.1.2005 S. Badura, M. Leszczyński: "Talking head application"
25.1.2005 G. Galiński: "Optimization of index structures"


-. Semester 2003/2004 L

Date Lecturer and title
31.3.2004 M. Wojnarski: "-"
7.4.2004 M. Tomaszewski: "-"
21.4.2004 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
5.5.2004 A. Świercz: "-"
12.5.2004 A. Buchowicz: "-"
19.5.2004 W. Skarbek: "-"
19.5.2004 K. Kucharski: "-"
26.5.2004 G. Pastuszak: "-"
26.5.2004 P. Bobiński: "-"
2.6.2004 G. Galiński: "-"
2.6.2004 K. Ignasiak: "-"


-. Semester 2003/2004 Z

Date Lecturer and title
8.10.2003 W. Rakowski: "-"
29.10.2003 R. Kozera: "Piecewise polynomial interpolation of discrete curves"
12.11.2003 P. Bobiński: "-"
26.11.2003 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
26.11.2003 K. Kacprzak: "-"
10.12.2003 K. Kucharski: "-"
10.12.2003 G. Pastuszak: "-"
17.12.2003 R. Kozera: "Noise removal and nonlinearities in shape reconstruction"
7.1.2004 A. Buchowicz, K. Ignasiak: "-"
14.1.2004 A. Ritz: "Recent advances in Computational Lingistics"
21.1.2004 W. Skarbek: "-"
28.1.2004 A. Świercz: "-"


-. Semester 2002/2003 L

Date Lecturer and title
7.3.2003 K. Kucharski: "-"
14.3.2003 S. Barański: "-"
21.3.2003 A. Świercz: "-"
28.3.2003 A. Pietrowcew: "-"
4.4.2003 P. Bobiński: "-"
4.4.2003 G. Pastuszak: "-"
11.4.2003 M. Pejas: "-"
11.4.2003 S. Polak: "-"
25.4.2003 G. Galiński: "-"
25.4.2003 G. Pastuszak: "-"
9.5.2003 T. Keller: "-"
9.5.2003 G. Pastuszak: "-"
23.5.2003 K. Ignasiak: "-"
23.5.2003 W. Skarbek: "-"
30.5.2003 A. Buchowicz: "-"
30.5.2003 G. Pastuszak: "-"
6.6.2003 T. Krzymień: "-"
6.6.2003 A. Ritz: "The relationship between image gain and filter shape and size"
10.6.2003 A. Świercz: "-"


-. Semester 2002/2003 Z

Date Lecturer and title
2.10.2002 R. Kozera: "Interpolating sporadic unparametrized data"
9.10.2002 M. Leszczyński: "-"
16.10.2002 K. Kucharski: "-"
23.10.2002 E. Snitkowska: "-"
30.10.2002 A. Pietrowcew: "-"
6.11.2002 G. Galiński: "-"
13.11.2002 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
20.11.2002 P. Bobiński: "-"
27.11.2002 M. Łempkowski: "-"
18.12.2002 S. Barański: "-"
8.1.2003 G. Galiński: "-"
15.1.2003 A. Buchowicz: "-"
15.1.2003 A. Swiercz: "-"
22.1.2003 K. Ignasiak: "-"
22.1.2003 P. Wrona: "-"


-. Semester 2001/2002 L

Date Lecturer and title
22.3.2002 K. Kucharski: "-"
5.4.2002 K. Ignasiak: "-"
19.4.2002 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
26.4.2002 M. Łempkowski: "-"
17.5.2002 J. Pawlewicz: "-"
31.5.2002 K. Ignasiak: "-"
31.5.2002 R. Seta: "-"
31.5.2002 E. Snitkowska: "-"
7.6.2002 K. Cichoń: "-"
7.6.2002 K. Ignasiak: "-"
11.6.2002 P. Bobiński: "-"
14.6.2002 R. Kozera: "Noise Reduction in 3-Source Photometric Stereo and Nonlinear Optimization with Large Number of Parameters"


-. Semester 2001/2002 Z

Date Lecturer and title
12.10.2001 R. Starosolski: "-"
12.10.2001 R. Pączkowski: "-"
19.10.2001 K. Cichoń: "-"
19.10.2001 R. Seta: "-"
19.10.2001 E. Snitkowska: "-"
26.10.2001 B. Smaga: "-"
9.11.2001 G. Kukiełka: "-"
9.11.2001 G. Kukiełka: "-"
9.11.2001 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
9.11.2001 W. Skarbek: "-"
16.11.2001 K. Ignasiak: "-"
23.11.2001 A. Przelaskowski: "-"
23.11.2001 M. Kotwica: "-"
30.11.2001 G. Galiński: "-"
30.11.2001 W. Sakowski: "-"
7.12.2001 M. Morgoś, J. Żuk: "-"
7.12.2001 P. Bobiński: "-"
14.12.2001 K. Ignasiak: "-"
14.12.2001 B. Smaga: "-"
11.1.2002 M. Polak: "-"
11.1.2002 A. Pietrowcew: "-"
11.1.2002 M. Żmijewski, M. Jamiołkowski: "-"
18.1.2002 R. Sikora, G. Kukiełka: "-"
25.1.2002 G. Galiński: "-"
25.1.2002 T. Keller: "-"
21.12.2011 R. Pająk: "-"
21.12.2011 P. Bobiński, W. Skarbek: "-"


-. Semester 2000/2001 L

Date Lecturer and title
16.3.2001 A. Ritz: "-"
16.3.2001 R. Seta: "-"
16.3.2001 G. Siemek: "-"
23.3.2001 C. Jędrzejek, R. Renk: "-"
23.3.2001 G. Galiński: "-"
23.3.2001 P. Bobiński: "-"
30.3.2001 K. Cichoń: "-"
30.3.2001 E. Snitkowska: "-"
6.4.2001 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
6.4.2001 B. Staniszewski: "-"
6.4.2001 P. Sokołowski: "-"
20.4.2001 K. Mroczek: "-"
20.4.2001 A. Przelaskowski: "-"
27.4.2001 G. Kukiełka: "-"
27.4.2001 J. Mirkowski: "-"
11.5.2001 A. Krupiczka: "-"
11.5.2001 M. Gawlik: "-"
11.5.2001 P. Sokołowsk: "MPEG 4 AUDIO - 2001"
18.5.2001 R. Pączkowski: "-"
18.5.2001 J. Żuk: "-"
18.5.2001 M. Gawlik, P. Bobiński: "-"
18.5.2001 G. Siemek: "-"
1.6.2001 A. Buchowicz: "-"
1.6.2001 T. Keller: "-"
1.6.2001 G. Kukiełka: "-"
8.6.2001 M. Morgoś: "-"
8.6.2001 T. Drozd: "-"
8.6.2001 W. Skarbek: "-"


-. Semester 2000/2001 Z

Date Lecturer and title
13.10.2000 R. Seta: "-"
13.10.2000 A. Przelaskowski: "-"
20.10.2000 M. Gawlik: "-"
27.10.2000 A. Ritz: "SimLisp - a simulation environment for parallel image processing"
27.10.2000 A. Buchowicz: "-"
3.11.2000 P. Sokołowski: "-"
3.11.2000 P. Bobiński: "Multimedia Description Schemes and Application for MPEG-7"
10.11.2000 K. Szklanny: "-"
17.11.2000 -: "-"
24.11.2000 A. Ritz: "Modelling images with computer algebra packages"
24.11.2000 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
1.12.2000 A. Ritz: "New approaches to signal processing"
1.12.2000 M. Morgoś, J. Żuk: "-"
8.12.2000 K. Cichoń: "-"
8.12.2000 T. Drozd: "WAP"
15.12.2000 E. Snitkowska: "-"
15.12.2000 T. Drozd: "WAP, part 2"
5.1.2001 B. Staniszewski: "-"
5.1.2001 A. Żołądkiewicz: "-"
12.1.2001 R. Jabłoński: "-"
12.1.2001 P. Sokołowski: "-"
19.1.2001 T. Keller: "-"
19.1.2001 R. Seta: "-"
19.1.2001 R. Pączkowski: "-"
19.1.2001 Szymko, Kordek: "-"
26.1.2001 M. Tomaszewski: "-"
26.1.2001 A. Ritz: "A natural language interface to an image database on the WWW"
26.1.2001 G. Jańczyk: "-"
26.1.2001 E. Snitkowska: "-"


-. Semester 1999/2000 L

Date Lecturer and title
3.3.2000 K. Mroczek: "-"
3.3.2000 A. Ritz: "Viewpoint reasoning in Computer Vision"
3.3.2000 G. Siemek: "-"
10.3.2000 K. Ebert: "-"
10.3.2000 A. Buchowicz: "-"
10.3.2000 G. Galiński: "-"
10.3.2000 P. Bobiński: "-"
17.3.2000 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
17.3.2000 M. Szymko: "-"
17.3.2000 K. Wlaziński, R. Makowski: "-"
24.3.2000 A. Ritz: "Image models based on differential geometry"
24.3.2000 E. Snitkowska: "-"
24.3.2000 A. Krupiczka: "-"
31.3.2000 A. Ghosh: "Soft computing for pattern recognition problems"
7.4.2000 G. Galiński: "-"
7.4.2000 A. Ritz: "Characterizing EEG signals with differential geometry"
7.4.2000 P. Sokołowski: "Video over IP"
14.4.2000 R. Pączkowski: "-"
14.4.2000 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
14.4.2000 A. Kwiatkowski: "-"
14.4.2000 M. Gawlik: "-"
28.4.2000 B. Dudziński: "-"
28.4.2000 J. Żuk: "-"
28.4.2000 A. Buchowicz: "-"
28.4.2000 M. Kondracka, M. Roszkowski: "-"
5.5.2000 B. Dudziński: "-"
5.5.2000 W. Wierzbicki, A. Kucza: "-"
12.5.2000 M. Gawlik: "-"
12.5.2000 R. Choraś: "-"
12.5.2000 R. Choraś: "-"
19.5.2000 G. Galiński: "-"
19.5.2000 W. Rakowski: "-"
26.5.2000 K. Mroczek: "-"
26.5.2000 M. Bartczak: "-"
2.6.2000 M. Monikowski: "-"
2.6.2000 M. Tomaszewski: "-"
2.6.2000 M. Morgoś: "-"
2.6.2000 A. Pietrowcew: "MPEG7"
9.6.2000 W. Rakowski: "-"
9.6.2000 R. Pączkowski: "-"
9.6.2000 T. Drozd: "-"
9.6.2000 A. Chmiel, B. Boruta: "-"
9.6.2000 E. Snitkowska: "-"
9.6.2000 A. Głowienko: "-"
9.6.2000 R. Jabłoński: "-"


-. Semester 1999/2000 Z

Date Lecturer and title
8.10.1999 W. Skarbek: "-"
8.10.1999 A. Ritz: "Deformable convolution kernels"
15.10.1999 P. Bobiński: "-"
15.10.1999 W. Skarbek: "-"
15.10.1999 W. Winiecki: "-"
29.10.1999 P. Sokołowski: "-"
29.10.1999 A. Pietrowcew: "-"
5.11.1999 A. Krupiczka: "-"
5.11.1999 G. Siemek: "-"
19.11.1999 A. Buchowicz: "-"
19.11.1999 W. Rakowski: "-"
19.11.1999 A. Przelaskowski: "-"
26.11.1999 M. Kazubek: "-"
26.11.1999 K. Ignasiak: "-"
26.11.1999 W. Skarbek: "-"
3.12.1999 A. Snitkowska: "-"
3.12.1999 R. Pączkowski: "-"
10.12.1999 G. Siemek: "-"
10.12.1999 A. Ritz: "Kalman filtering in motion analysis"
10.12.1999 K. Ebert: "-"
17.12.1999 G. Galiński: "-"
17.12.1999 M. Łempkowski: "-"
17.12.1999 M. Polak: "-"
7.1.2000 W. Rakowski: "-"
7.1.2000 W. Skarbek: "-"
14.1.2000 K. Wnukowicz: "-"
14.1.2000 T. Keller: "-"
14.1.2000 G. Galiński: "-"
21.1.2000 R. Pączkowski: "-"
21.1.2000 E. Snitkowska: "-"
21.1.2000 B. Dudziński: "-"
28.1.2000 T. Zabierek: "-"


-. Semester 1998/1999 L

Date Lecturer and title
5.3.1999 Władysław Skarbek: "-"
16.4.1999 Piotr Bobiński: "-"
14.5.1999 Karol Wnukowicz: "-"
24.6.1999 Andrew P. Papliński: "Application of directional filters in segmentation of a class of ophthalmological images"


-. Semester 1998/1999 Z

Date Lecturer and title
9.10.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
9.10.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
16.10.1998 W. Winiecki: "-"
16.10.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
23.10.1998 G. Galiński: "-"
23.10.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
30.10.1998 G. Galiński: "-"
30.10.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
6.11.1998 B. Dudziński: "-"
6.11.1998 G. Malewicz: "-"
13.11.1998 R. Pająk: "-"
13.11.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
20.11.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
27.11.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
27.11.1998 A. Krupiczka: "-"
4.12.1998 R. Sikora, W. Skarbek: "-"
4.12.1998 W. Rakowski: "-"
11.12.1998 W. Skarbek: "-"
11.12.1998 K. Ignasiak: "-"
18.12.1998 P. Wojdyłło: "-"
18.12.1998 A. Przelaskowski: "-"
8.1.1999 W. Skarbek: "-"
8.1.1999 K. Ignasiak: "-"
15.1.1999 A. Pietrowcew: "-"
15.1.1999 W. Skarbek: "-"
22.1.1999 K. Ignasiak: "-"
29.1.1999 Z. Rozwadowski: "-"
29.1.1999 D. Jaszkowski: "-"