Seminar on Intelligent Multimedia Systems

Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2016/2017 L

Date Lecturer and title
9.5.2017 Zbigniew Nasarzewski: " Gamification system to support treatment of people with cognitive disorders using elements of virtual and expanded reality (VR / AR / MV)"
16.5.2017 Marek Kowalski: "Face alignment using deep convolutional neural networks"
23.5.2017 Rafał Protasiuk: "Color transfer by fitting clouds of color points"
23.5.2017 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Virtual reality in the spherical video for mobile devices"
23.5.2017 Kivanc Yuksel: "Smile detectors correlation"
23.5.2017 Xin Chang: "WebGL and Web Audio software lightweight components for multimedia education"
23.5.2017 Grzegorz Gwardys, Daniel Grzywczak: "Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for multimedia applications - Neural Activation Visualization"
6.6.2017 Przemek Buczkowski: "Stock market prediction with recurrent neural networks"