Seminar on Intelligent Multimedia Systems

Tuesdays, room 450, 1 pm. Semester 2017/2018 Z

Date Lecturer and title
24.10.2017 Rafał Protasiuk: "Color correction in underwater images - Amazon Mechanical Turk in research work"
24.10.2017 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Artificial intelligence for music generation"
14.11.2017 Jacek Naruniec, Marek Kowalski: "Leading topics in computer vision - most interesting articles of ICCV2017[pdf]"
28.11.2017 Maciej Trochimiuk: "Optimization of interframe prediction in video coding"
19.12.2017 Marek Kowalski: "HoloFace: a framework for augmenting human-to-human interactions on HoloLens"
30.1.2018 Grzegorz Gwardys: "Diagnostic tools in Machine Learning, with an emphasis on Deep Learning"
30.1.2018 Rafał Pilarczyk: "Intelligent video segmentation using neural network"
30.1.2018 Zbigniew Nasarzewski: "3D face model animation based on video"
30.1.2018 Przemysław Buczkowski: "Information compression with neural networks"