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Virtual Laboratory in Internet

Faculty Dean's grant no 503/034/394/8 (1998)


The goal of this research is the development a Virtual Laboratory at our Faculty, i.e. an information system devoted for remote access in Internet to chosen lab devices and unique computational services. In the first year the following tasks have been implemented:


  1. Developing of coherent multimedia data compression algorithms: application of neural MOR algorithm for multimedia data compression; analysis of correctness for MOR algorithm MOR, application of MOR algorithm for approximation of 2D KLT transform and for image compression; analysis for net models of fractal coder; developing of methodology for intelligent interfacing to multimedia data giving traffic reduction in the network; analysis for compression of audio data.
  2. Implementation of transmission system for multimedia objects (video, audio) and measurement data: simple HTTP server, simple video server with remote camera control; audio server for dialog groups in Internet, text communication system for dialog groups; implementation methodology for measurement data transmission from remote devices with RS232 interface, IEC-625, APIB, and USB; remote starting of Java services.
  3. Design and implementation of remote access to chosen systems: virtual devices; research of TV channel; electromagnetic spectrum analyzer; electroacoustic research; monitoring of parameters for remote rooms; image based telemedicine system; data acquisition card DAQ.



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