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COre subsystem for Delivery of MUltiband data in CAtv


Our group was responsible for:
Server control
Multimedia applications  

 The following multimedia applications were developped:
Virtual visit - The main objective of this application was to show benefits of wideband technology. Virtual Visit application is a demonstration of high bandwidth usage (over 75 Mbps). Using DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS and a single wideband modem, we can deliver multiple HD video streams of exceptionally high quality and display them on a set of Set-Top-Boxes. In Virtual Visit demonstration we can stream three separate MPEG-2 Transport Streams synchronously or one TS including three video sequnces.  
Personalized advertisements - This application is based on the face detection, tracking and recognition algorithms developed in WUT within previous research projects. The application has been deployed on the Microsoft Media Center platform and tested with several types of the cameras. The protocol for the data exchange between face recognition application and the video server has been developed.
Video on Demand allows us to download a selected video. This application consists of the following pages:
Media browser
Movie description
Media player  
Downloadable Digital Video Recorder application allows us to download selected movies from Video-On-Demand application and watch them off-line.  

The applications were presented at the Broadband World Forum Europe 2007 exhibitions in Belin, October 2007.





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